Irrigation Systems

Natura Limited is specialized in the design of irrigation systems with over fifteen years of professional experience in supply of imported irrigation sprinklers, pipes and installation of the same.

Natura Limited is also the appointed agency of Perrot Regnerbau CALW, Germany a quality supplier of irrigation equipment with over 75 years of experience distributing in over 74 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Perrot offers a one year warranty on all their products and two years on sprinklers and pop-up sprinklers.

Perrot offers a comprehensive range of surface and pop-up sprinklers with a superior technology offering the best prerequisite for optimal growth cultivation in private gardens, parks, sports grounds, agriculture, forestry as well as fruit growing.

Assembling Perrot irrigation systems is less labour intensive than conventional irrigation equipment and therefore inexpensive; operating Perrot systems is easy – the design is durable and thus economical.Perrot guarantees swift spare parts supply.


The Perrot Rollcart travels and irrigates on its own.

Used mainly for large sized green areas, sports fields, nurseries and gardens. It starts moving as soon as the water supply is turned on and is slowly drawn along the previously laid steel cable on the lawn.

After having irrigated the designated area it stops automatically. The water supply hose length of minimum 60m is drawn behind the cart. The Rollcart is convenient because it allows the operator to define the area to be irrigated. The water flow can be adjusted to suit each application through the infinite speed regulation.

The Perrot Rollcart guarantees an optimum water distribution due to its constant speed. It is practically maintenance free because the sealed gears have a very low friction factor. Using a part circle sprinkler the Rollcart always travels on dry lawn and thus it is lawn friendly. The Rollcart only requires changing once in 24 hours; no overlap or waste of water, minimal labour cost and the set up time used is approximately 20 minutes.

Pop-up Sprinklers

The Pop-up Sprinkler by Perrot for fields, achieves the furthest throw of all systems so that no surface-damaging sprinklers need to be fitted in the ground. They are especially highly recommended for artificial grass hockey fields to keep the carpet playing area intact. Perrot grants a 2 years warranty on pop-up sprinklers.

Surface Sprinklers

Perrot provides professional surface sprinklers of all requirements – from the small rotary sprinkler through to the large-scale sprinkler with a throw of up to 70m.